We held the second OnFire meeting!

We held the second OnFire meeting!

Earlier we talked about our first OnFire in an online format. We decided to continue this practice and we held the second OnFire meeting in remote format.

This time the topic of our meeting was Quality Assurance (QA), where our QA Engineer & Scrum Master Daryna Abalmasova shared her skills and ideas with us. This topic was interesting not only for beginners and already confident QAs, but also for all those who want to develop in this direction.

The presentation “How to Start Seeing Bugs Again” helped our team take a new look at focusing on the right things in testing. The speaker shared real cases and answered the participants’ questions. We were also given lifehacks from personal experience and tips on how to avoid mistakes when searching for different errors.

Now everyone who wants to develop has a better understanding of QA, which has increased the overall expertise of the team. Wait for new stories about our training and read the previous news!

Our team held another OnFire online! Our team held another OnFire online! Read
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