Discovery phase as a data driven approach to software development

Discovery phase as a data driven approach to software development

< Why you need Discovery Phase >

Discovery Phase is an initial stage of software development that is aimed at collecting thorough information on the project goals and specifications. Its goal is tounderstand tech, operational and financial feasibility of the project.

Project at the stage of concept with unclear non-functional requirements

Functional requirements need clarification and further detailization

Your project idea requires validation and Proof of Concept (PoC)

Existing project is outdated or you need opportunities to scale up

< Client challenges – our solutions >

Сollecting project requirements and specifications

Functional and Non-funcitonal requirements, user stories


Tech stack identification and architecture design

High level Architecture break down


Project visualization, business logic

UX/UI prototype (sketches, wireframes)


Project development plan

Estimation, budgeting, timeline, risk assessment and mitigation plan

< Key roles during Discovery Phase >
Stakeholders Stakeholders

Working with the Product Owner in a strategic development direction.

Product Owner Product Owner
Product Owner

Communicating the project goals and business logic to the tech team.

Business Analyst Business Analyst
Business Analyst

Working closely on project requirements and prototyping.

UX/UI Designer UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer

Basic application style and user flow.

Tech Lead Tech Lead
Tech Lead

Defining the tech stack, high level architecture design.

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