With the goal to manage your software quality in mind

With the goal to manage your software quality in mind

We at Technorely create and help you manage quality assurance strategy for your software. With the comprehensive expertise and custom approach we make testing easy. It eliminates risks related to customer churn rate and software downtimes.

< What we offer >
Dedicated QA Team

We take responsibility for the whole QA process at your project managing the team and delivering the expected results throughout the whole Software Development Lifecycle.

QA Services on Demand

Works best if the QA workload at your project is flexible. No need to have a dedicated person. You show up with the need, we manage the process based on the "pay as you need" model.

Quality Assessment

We conduct a review of the existing code finding the root cause of the issue you faced. We assess the codebase, performance and usability to create the list of issues and help you find the way to fix them.

QA Consulting

We find the reasons why you have quality problems and suggest quality assurance improvements. Get the quality assurance strategy that was created based on your particular case.

< Automated testing workflow we follow >

We at Technorely leverage different variables of testing approaches including manual and automated testing. Based on the project and the processes we are involved in we choose the optimal quality assurance strategy that would cover the testing needs for the particular case.

< Manual Testing >


  • icon Human eye is always good for the apps testing as automated test scripts will not detect is something looks bad
  • icon Exploratory testing answering the question "What happens if a user does this?"
  • icon Mitigates risks related to bugs in test scripts


  • icon Human factor makes it not as reliable as automated
  • icon No option to record the test flow
  • icon Need for time and resources is growing along with the project growth
< Automated Testing >


  • icon Possible to run testing without any efforts once the scripts are done
  • icon Human resources are needed less, that cuts the budget
  • icon Use the prepared scripts again and again without much effort


  • icon Time consuming in terms of scripts writing and updating
  • icon Complex script means slow feedback which is crucial when the feature is ready to go
  • icon False results caused by the issues that are not related to the app (network, small UI changes)
< Apps we test >
Web applications Web applications
Web applications

Saas platforms Saas platforms
Saas platforms

Mobile applications Mobile applications
Mobile applications

Desktop applications Desktop applications
Desktop applications

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< Types of testing we perform >

Functional Testing




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