The Technorely and Skyglyph Cooperation Wins The Digital Insurer Award

The Technorely and Skyglyph Cooperation Wins The Digital Insurer Award

During the latest digital insurance community event, the annual Digital Insurance Asia Conference, the Technorely solution, developed for our long-term client Skyglyph, won the StartUp InsurTech Award. The solution introducing drones for cost- and time-effective fraud-free crop insurance was warmly welcomed in the digital insurance community and recognized as an important step in digitizing both insurance and crop management fields.

The solution details, its impact on farmers and insurance companies, the Skyglyph-Technorely cooperation and future plans are in the spotlight of this post.

Utilizing Drones for Crop Insurance

Skyglyph specializes in the development of cloud-based software and industrial surveillance solutions transforming drones into concise tools for a wide range of business use cases. For crop insurance, Skyglyph came up with a solution to optimize claim insurance process and offer additional advantages to farmers and insurers.

Upon a crop damage claim, the insurance company needs to assess the size of the damage. Such assessment done by the company employee may take 4-5 days and even longer. With the help of drones, this time can be reduced to several hours.

Planning, Executing the Drone Missions and Collecting Data

Up to now, Technorely has been engaged in the development of 3 applications used at different stages of the claim assessment process.

The Aero Scouter. The mobile app helping to operate the DJI-family drone in “aerial missions”. Those missions are intended to collect data for producing orthophoto and lands. The app greatly simplifies the work with drones, so that even the employees that were not previously acquainted with operating a drone can succeed with the assessment. With the mission details uploaded to the AeroScouter in advance, the user needs only to unpack the drone and push start, and the mission will be fulfilled without human intervention.

The Ground Scouter. The “ground missions” app helping to prepare the aerial missions and automatically synchronize the collected data with

Report Viewer. If the human audit is necessary, Report Viewer is a handy app providing the auditor with the information on the area collected from the drone as well as other necessary data. The app is available offline, assisting the auditor in the areas with limited or no Internet connectivity.

Efficient Cooperation in Crop Insurance Digitizing

Skyglyph’s previous experience in outsourcing was totally negative. Technorely’s approach to work has managed to turn the Skyglyph’s attitude towards outsourcing upside down, starting effective long-term cooperation. “Technorely created true intimacy between our companies and I really trust them”, states Viktor Yermak, the CEO of Skyglyph.

Technorely created true intimacy between our companies and I really trust them, states Viktor Yermak, the CEO of Skyglyph.

The Skyglyph-Technorely Synergy Has Brought Fruitful Results:

  • 5-10 times faster claim processing;

  • saving up to 5% costs on surveillance;

  • 15-30% decrease in loss payouts;

  • fraudulent claims detection.

The dedication to crop insurance digitizing, the efficiency of the solution and the promising perspectives of further work in this area have contributed to Skyglyph winning The Digital Insurer Award.

Future Plans and Perspectives

The crop insurance solution is an important part of Skyglyph’s broader vision of crop insurance uberization. The era of drones in agricultural insurance and crop management is on the threshold. Good chances are, in five years or so we will see drones employed by most insurance companies and even by the farmers’ households, and it will force the usage and development of cloud-based software solutions for crop insurance.

This means more challenging tasks for Skyglyph and, hopefully, for Technorely.

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