Corporate Wellness Software: Advantages In 2021

Corporate Wellness Software: Advantages In 2021

Health is very important for productivity, efficiency and general development of any company. To spread the idea of well-being among team members many companies can use corporate wellness software.

What Is Corporate Wellness Software?

Health is one of the main parts of every person’s life. If we talk about big companies they take responsibility for the team in this area too. Corporate wellness solutions help organizations to manage health programs at a high level. For instance, a company interested in healthy, active, initiative team members decided to create some methods to motivate people to make beneficial lifestyle choices. The software makes this process easier and more available. 

Creative wellness platforms should be needs-based and serve the purposes of the company. There are several activities that help reach these aims:

  • basic medical education;

  • tracking of physical, psychological health;

  • eradication of bad habits (such as smoking);

  • training, courses or webinars;

  • rewarding system;

  • sports activities;

  • risk assessment.

Organizations of any size (small, medium, large) need to have a system of social support for their team members. It gives undeniable benefits such as increasing efficiency, esprit de corps, working culture and dignity.

In practice, it could be monitoring of health status, medical education, tracking of sports activities, participation, rewarding, encouragement for proactive, creative members of the team. All these can be implemented with the help of a simple, available phone-app. Such software may include both tracking physical and psychological health or even finances for participants of a corporation. The majority of such apps are not very successful due to the fact that they include only health conditions. It would be better to add information about the emotional state as well because it would increase well-being, involvement and productivity. 

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Here are the main advantages of using corporate wellness software: 

  • a company reduces the number of social payments, compensations by reducing health risks; 

  • caring about people will create harmony, involvement and trust in a company, which will benefit the overall development;

  • active and healthy team members work more efficiently, professionally, do not take sick leave and are able to make creative decisions, which is beneficial to any business; 

  • the high-quality social policy takes the company to a new level, promotes recognition among the population. 

To sum up, corporate wellness software simplifies the possibility of activities in a team directed at increasing health (not only physical but emotional too), tracking their overall health and well-being. This caring, in turn, stimulates efficiency, productivity, engagement, creativity. There are several methods such as webinars, tracking systems, basic medical education that can be implemented through an app or a website.

Principles For Developing Corporate Wellness Software

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Best corporate wellness programs are intended for teaching, supporting, promoting a culture of health and well-being. Corporate programs are more than usual ones and can include all values of the organization, even finances. There are several tips and principles to create high-quality software:

1. Pay attention to the influence, results of such software. Organizations are interested in solving existing or future problems and services need to solve them. What is also important is that it should be profitable and bring a return on investment in the near term. So, there should be focus on aims, goals and consequences.

2. Individual approach and flexibility. In this area, there is no list of functions or specific, unique plan for every organization. Functions need to be customized for every program.

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3. Program integration. Do not limit corporate wellness software to only a few functions, indicators: emotional health,  blog, financial payments, rewards. If a service is branded and holistic, it will be more efficient.

4. Analytics and data reporting. It is very important to have an accurate reporting system inside for two reasons: 

  • any medical examination must be as precise as possible;

  • systematic data will help to improve service and find out critical moments because administrators will get data and feedback from users.

5. User experience and engagement. The experience of using it should be pleasant and simple. This process should be beneficial for users to have long-term voluntary use.

These are some general points, but it is necessary to have an individual approach to every project in this area. 

Examples Of Successful Corporate Wellness Software 

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  1. Limeade includes all services of the organisation in one: communications, inclusion, well-being so that everyone participating in the company can easily know about the company’s cares. 

  2. League uses a system Health Benefits Experience that rewards users and creates habits which lead to increasing productivity, outcomes and help to make better decisions. 

  3. Virgin Pulse is designed to create a comprehensive solution for the development of a sustainable and long-term effect of well-being to improve the overall level of the company.

  4. Woliba is a comprehensive platform with a rewards system, engagement, data and analytics in real-time.

  5. Wellable is a technological platform with educational activities and modules for which users can get online rewarding and exchange it for real services.


To summarize, developing corporate wellness software programs allows companies to simplify the process of coordinating health initiatives and activities for team members. There are many benefits of using such services for a company: from reducing sick leave payments to the success of the organization, because the team is engaged, loyal, creative and active. There are several principles for creating successful corporate wellness software, such as the individuality of each project and the importance of user experience. One of the areas of work in Technorely is the healthcare industry and we will gladly help you create perfect, customized and effective wellness software.

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