Top-10 Best Fitness Apps In 2021

Top-10 Best Fitness Apps In 2021

In the informational era technologies are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Here we can mention tutorials on YouTube from our favorite bloggers and top fitness apps. We will talk about the latter in this article. There are several types based on goals and tips that users will like. You will also find a list of the best applications in 2021. 

What is a fitness app and its features?

According to the report of  IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there used to be 186 000 health and fitness applications, in 2018 there were more than 300 000, today there are even more. Moreover, because of the quarantine, people have started doing their sports activities at home to avoid crowded places. So, it’s become quite popular to use something simple and convenient on your phone in comfortable surroundings. Health and fitness apps are applications that you can download on a smartphone or other gadgets to get fit. 

Usually, you can find them on the top-two digital distribution services - Play Market (Android) and Apple Store (IOS). They can be free or require payment depending on the developer. To monetize the free ones owners typically use these options: 

  • Creating a free functional set and charging for some additional stuff (like tracking general positions (e.g. duration of activity), but heart rate will be available only for premium users);

  • Individual approach (for example there are free videos but those with the instructor are not);

  • Advertisement (the easiest ways to make money, but there is a very fine line between unobtrusive and irritating). 

Usually, there are several standard features: 

  • Tracking health condition during sports activities (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate);

  • Setting goals and taking notes of the progress;

  • Sharing emotions and achievements in social media;

  • Getting motivated;

  • Finding instructions on how to do a certain sporting activity;

  • Getting individual approach and personalized workouts;

  • Creating a nutrition plan or finding guidance. 

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Best fitness apps make doing sport easier and include many aspects of wellness life with the help of technologies. They have a huge influence on the world’s sports culture and are gaining more popularity every year. 

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Best fitness apps in 2021

  1. Zones for Training is perfect for Apple Watch because of detailed tracking of heart rate in peak and calm period. It is very useful to find out when calorie-burning takes place. This one is especially popular among experienced sport-lovers. 

  2. My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular ones because it has multiple features starting from information about exercises and calorie intake to tracking habits and personalization of each feature. The cherry on the cake of My Fitness Pal is integration with other apps or devices, which gives an opportunity to simplify tracking with more than 50 apps including Apple Watch fitness apps. There are more than 300 workouts and 6 billion products in a base including menus of restaurants. You can find countless positive reviews on iTunes.

  3. Glo specializes in yoga from beginner to professional classes. You can find their everyday workouts at any level or needs depending on your physique, sleeping pattern and level of stress. In addition, there are blogs with news from top trainers and useful informational resources. Another great feature is the ability to download training videos as well as watch them online. 

  4. Headspace is about meditation and the main goal is to help to achieve complex and health results. Headspace is an example of another similar app with step-by-step preparation from foundations to a deep knowledge of ourselves and controlling the level of stress, depression and even chronic pain.  

  5. Pear is very popular among professional sports lovers because of its easy and convenient interface and integration system. It includes tracking of activities, information from sports stars and analytics for the personal approach from smartphone or watch. 

  6. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer is free and it gives instructional workouts with different duration. Perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable in a public gym or just stay safe and want to get high-quality training at home. All instructions are developed by certified trainers that will create a personalized plan. Simple and optimal videos are highly rated by users. 

  7. Fooducate is a total nutrition app and one of the oldest because they first were introduced in 2010. Its uniqueness stems from scanning products barcodes that help users to not only count calories from the product list but also find some from the shop automatically. 

  8. Sworkit is one of the best fitness apps for Android as well as for IOS because of its flexibility: from stretching to high intensity workouts, from beginner to advanced, from everyday small trainings to once a week intensive ones. Tracking and step-by-step increase help users to achieve new levels with the help of individual personalized mentoring. 

  9. JeFit is a unique app to get analytics about your training. It will automatically count the pauses or evidence-based principles. It also has a “social media” part to share the achievements with friends and motivate each other.

  10. The 7 Minute Workout is an interesting approach for people who do not have a lot of time. Just choose a kind of training and spend 7 minutes improving your health and fitness. 

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Types and tips

Fitness apps can be of different types:

  1. Including general training or selected exercises; 

  2. Nutrition based; 

  3. Wellness based (like Yoga and Meditation); 

  4. Personalized by trainers; 

  5. Tracking based; 

  6. General that includes all above. 

All of them need to have specifications in the developing process but there are some useful tips that will fit any: 

  • Integration with social media and other apps;

  • The analytical tracking system in each area (nutrition, health and sport rate);

  • Compatibility with different kinds of gadgets;

  • Deployment on different digital distribution services. 

A successful embodiment of all of the above you can find in the case of Technorely with Fitplan. It is a dynamic mobile application with more than 25 best world’s trainers, 35 professional workouts, 45 one-day trainings at home and in the gym.  We supplied it with HD instruction videos, individual advice, informational resources and access to the worldwide community. Thanks to Technorely work 98% of mistakes were fixed and new features were included. 

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 Fitness apps are very popular nowadays in all their kinds from tracking and individual approach to nutrition-based. There are several tips to improve them like integration, compatibility with  different devices or creating a strong community. These applications help people to improve their health, physique and become stronger every day. In case you need a new app or want to tweak an existing one you can always get a free consultation in Technorely

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