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< The brief >

BigTaurus – blockchain-based crypto-trading platform where the most experienced cryptocurrency owners help newbies master all the intricacies of the crypto world, as well as make a choice in favor of the most profitable cryptocurrency. One of the main goals of BigTaurus is to simplify the cryptocurrency trading process for token holders.




  • Smart Contracts

  • Business Analysis

  • UI/UX


  • is now fully working trading platform.

  • It helps newbies to become confident token holders and avoid falling into various traps.

  • BigTaurus Academy is constantly growing and showing excellent results.

< Business challenges >

It was a project from scratch. The client needed to develop a platform and cryptographic token based on the Binance Smart Chain network in accordance with the BEP-20 token standard. BigTaurus wanted to create an environment for token trading at first and then implement some new functionality.

< Achievements >
BigTaurus was listed on P2PB2B
Now BigTaurus has 1K community, 127K trades and 25 teams
A BigTaurus Academy was created
Mr. Serafino T. Vallorani Co-Chief Executive Officer, BigTaurus Club
The Technorely team provided the client with the most useful and in-depth CTO Consulting. All the requirements and wishes of the client were taken into account, and the project fully met expectations as a result. The client was most impressed with the vendor's self-organization and responsibility.
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